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Product Name: American Shaman

Product Description: American Shaman has been in the hemp business for a while, and their vast selection of natural and premium products has made them a go-to choice for users seeking specialty items they can't find elsewhere.

American Shaman Product Summary

Not many brands have the reputation of American Shaman, and as veterans in this relatively new industry this company has made a name for themselves not only for quality, but also their hard-to-find product line-up.

American Shaman prides themselves on delivering only the highest quality hemp products, and with ultra-concentrated terpene-rich oil derived from non-GMO plant material, users can rest easy knowing they are always receiving a consistent and premium product. While many competitors pride themselves on using only USA-grown raw materials.

According to their site, American Shaman’s proprietary nanotechnology makes their hemp up to 9x more bioavailable than many other products on the market, allowing for faster absorption into the body.

While this brand carries many of the standard hemp oils and edibles found elsewhere, American Shaman may be best known for their vast selection of topical options. They carry everything from face creams and lotions all the way to specialty hemp-infused lip balms, making them an industry leader when it comes to topical treatment options.

Along with their sustainable and ethical farming practices, American Shaman’s commitment to making the world a better place extends far beyond their cultivation and manufacturing process. This company is passionate about their mission to heal naturally, and their compassionate care program supports their intense focus on the welfare of customers who need their products the most. They proudly offers discounts to those with chronic conditions, low-income individuals, and veterans.

  • Effectiveness
  • Product Quality
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  • Large Selection of Creams, Lotions, and Topicals
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Established Brand
  • Hard-to-Find Edibles and Specialty Products
  • Compassionate Care Discounts


  • Limited High-Potency Options
  • No Free Shipping