As a vegan, it’s always been a challenge finding gummy candies that fits with my diet. In fact, gummies were probably the most surprising thing I had to give up when I adopted the vegan lifestyle, and until recently I had come to terms with the fact that I probably wouldn’t have any again. That is, until I stumbled across Bliss Herbal’s vegan CBD gummy option.

As an avid CBD user and advocate, I always felt left out of the popular gummy craze, and with the exception of a few vegan CBD/THC samples here and there, I’ve generally kept edibles out of my repertoire due to the simple fact that I couldn’t eat 95% of them.

Putting the Vegan CBD Gummy to the Test

All this changed when a vegan friend of mine discovered Bliss Herbal. When she showed me the bottle of vegan CBD gummies she had found, I was instantly intrigued. Packing a substantial 25mg CBD per square, it was clear Bliss Herbal wasn’t messing around. But as every vegan knows all too well when it comes to vegan “gelatin” treats, the ultimate test would have to be the taste taste.

The moment I popped the vegan gummy in my mouth, it was love at first taste. With a sugar coated outside and a chewy sweet center, I couldn’t believe this little bite of heaven contained no gelatin whatsoever. I even gave my boyfriend a piece, who proceeded to gobble up three more before I broke the news to him that his new favorite CBD treat was in fact vegan.

Bliss Herbal Daytime Gummy Bottle with Oranges

Did it Work?

After a week of taking these CBD gummies daily, it’s safe to say they really do work. I felt a general sense of calm and mental clarity that lasted throughout most of the day, something I typically don’t experience days I don’t take CBD.

My boyfriend also reported feeling better. While he didn’t immediately attribute it to the gummies, once we reflected back on the week it became clear that it probably had something to do with the additional 25-50mg of CBD (in the form of one to two gummies) he was now taking.

All in all, I was very impressed with these vegan CBD gummies. It isn’t everyday that I come across a vegan product like this one, so it’s no surprise that Bliss Herbal’s “Daytime” gummies have become a staple in the vegan community as a specialty CBD product worth trying.

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