Bliss Herbal CBD Review - Our Favorite CBD Brand For 2019
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We’ve been in the CBD testing business for over three years, but even now it can be overwhelming keeping up with every industry newcomer. With brands popping up left and right, it takes something pretty special to get us to try a new company, especially one who hasn’t yet made a name for themselves yet in the CBD world. Read on for our 2019 Bliss Herbal CBD review to see why it’s one of our new favorites.

When we first heard about Bliss Herbal, we were instantly intrigued. Not only were their prices among the most competitive in the market, but their professional vibe gave us confidence that these guys were here to stay.

We decided to give two of their most popular products a try in our Bliss Herbal CBD review, and after a seamless ordering process and quick delivery we already had a good feeling that Bliss Herbal would not disappoint. The few reviews we found online had raved about their full spectrum “Mint Cookie” tincture, and one taste was all we needed to unanimously agree that this product was top notch.

Not only did it taste like a Thin Mint girl scout cookie, but the price point was among the lowest we’ve ever seen for a 500mg tincture. At under $35 a bottle, we were blown away by the quality of Bliss Herbal’s product, and almost all of us ranked the flavor as one of our favorites thus far.

Already riding high on our tincture experience, we divvied up the bottle of their signature sleep aid capsules, eager to put them to the test at home.

Combining CBD with melatonin and valerian root, we each waited until nightfall before popping a Bliss Herbal sleep tablet into our mouths. Each and every one of us became drowsy within 20 minutes, which is an impressive accomplishment for an all natural product, especially one being tested on heavy users of CBD. Always a skeptical bunch, we repeated the experiment the following night with the exact same results. As much as we fell in love with their flavored tincture, we all agreed that this sleep aid was going to be a medicine cabinet staple in our homes from now on.

Not only were Bliss Herbal’s prices a force to be reckoned with, but their superior product left us all eager to try more, making our Bliss Herbal CBD review a glowing success.

Bliss Herbal CBD Review


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  • Great Taste
  • Top Rated Sleep Formula
  • 0% THC Available
  • Vegan Gummy Options


  • Not enough CBD MG Variations