Bliss Herbal Sleep Tincture Review - Does It Really Work?
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Most fans of CBD can attest to the versatility of this amazing natural cure-all. With studies popping up on a seemingly daily basis touting a new benefit, it’s quickly becoming clear that CBD can play a beneficial role in most people’s lives. From relieving symptoms of chronic pain to calming the anxious mind, CBD has made quite the name for itself in the world of natural medicine. While not many CBD products are currently marketed for specific ailments, CBD products formulated for sleep are one standout exception. I set out to discover if these products truly work as intended. Read on for my complete Bliss Herbal sleep tincture review.

As someone who avoids traditional pharmaceuticals at all costs, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a sleep-specific CBD formula. While most of the products advertised as sleep aids are simply a blend of CBD and melatonin – one CBD brand in particular has rapidly made a name for themselves in the industry thanks to their unique and revolutionary sleep formula.

Bliss Herbal may be one of the newcomers to the game, but one look at their product line and it’s easy to see why this brand is gaining popularity. Along with the standard CBD products found in most shops, they also offer vegan gummies, “max potency” capsules, and two different sleep formulas that many of the more seasoned brands lack. For this experiment in particular, I decided to give their 1000mg sleep tincture a try.

A few things immediately jumped out at me about this product, the first being the staggering amount of CBD I was getting for my money. Priced at only $39.95, I had to triple check that I was in fact reading the description correctly, but after browsing the rest of their products it became clear that Bliss Herbal’s prices are among the most competitive on the market.

The second thing that I noticed about this specific product was just how “sleep-specific” it truly is. Not only do they include melatonin, but valerian root and a blend of five terpenes also make their way onto the vast ingredient list. While adding terpenes to CBD products isn’t unheard of, this was the only CBD product I could find with an array of specialty terpene formulated just for sleep. While I was already sold on this product based on the low price and impressive ingredient panel, the true test would have to wait until nighttime.

About an hour before bed, I was ready to give the natural sleep aid a try, hoping my Bliss Herbal sleep tincture review would be a success. I shook the tincture and filled the dropper up with oil as suggested, dropping it under my tongue eager to discover if the results would match up to the hype. I carried on with my evening routine before finally heading to the couch to finish the movie I had started earlier. Within 20 minutes, my eyelids were drooping and my body was already sinking into the sofa. Far more relaxing than any CBD product I have tried, including those with added melatonin, I took my tired self to bed and enjoyed one of the most restful and deep sleeps in recent memory, making my Bliss Herbal sleep tincture review a complete success.

Not only is Bliss Herbal’s nighttime tincture an incredible value, but the relaxing effects of the product are nothing short of impressive. For anyone seeking a natural and non-habit forming alternative to traditional sleep aids, this is absolutely the brand to try.

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