Does CBD and Melatonin Work Better than Melatonin Alone?

As someone who has struggled with insomnia for years, I am always on the lookout for natural remedies that can help me get the sleep my mind and body so desperately need. While I occasionally use prescription sleep aids as a last resort, I hate the way they make me feel sluggish and groggy for hours the next day. Because of this, I try to stick to natural remedies as much as possible, which tends to be limited to melatonin and the occasional Benadryl if I feel a sleepless night coming. But would a tablet containing both CBD and melatonin be the solution to my insomnia I had been searching for?

When I first started hearing about the incredible benefits of CBD, my curiosity was peaked. It seemed as if every day I was hearing about this miracle “cure-all,” and when I found out what it could do for my sleep issues I immediately knew that I needed to give it a try. As I began researching the best CBD for my insomnia, I discovered a few specialty CBD products formulated specifically for sleep. I finally settled on Bliss Herbal’s signature night time formula, ready to put this unique CBD sleep aid to the test.

The Ultimate Sleep Test

Once my order arrived, I set out to find out if there was truly a difference between melatonin taken alone and CBD and melatonin combined, and what I discovered was nothing short of impressive. I decided to start my experiment on a Monday since my weekdays are more consistent than my weekends. Monday and Wednesday were my control days, when I consumed my tried and true melatonin. Tuesday and Thursday I introduced Bliss Herbal’s CBD sleep aid, being careful to keep the melatonin dose consistent across all four days so I could determine whether or not the added CBD had any noticeable effect. With 20mg of CBD per sleep capsule, and 3mg of melatonin in both the CBD and melatonin tablets, I was ready to begin my experiment.


While I don’t take melatonin every single night, this was one day I truly needed it. My 11am coffee still had me feeling wired, and by 9:30pm I knew I needed something extra to help me fall asleep. I had my 3mg dose of melatonin, then began my nighttime routine. By 10pm I still wasn’t terribly tired, but I certainly felt more relaxed than I was a half hour prior. After another 30 minutes and a couple chapters of my book, I was finally ready for bed.

The melatonin certainly didn’t knock me out, but it worked as expected and definitely helped my mind and body relax. I also woke up refreshed and ready to start my day – something I never experienced while using prescription sleep aids.


With an early meeting awaiting me Wednesday morning, I knew this was the perfect night to test out Bliss Herbal’s “Sleep Formula” CBD capsules. Keeping my experiment as constant as possible, I waited until 9:30pm to take my dose. I sped through my nighttime routine and joined my boyfriend on the couch to finish a movie we had started on Sunday. Despite being very into the movie, my eyes became extremely heavy within 20 minutes, and I was fast asleep by 10pm.

I popped out of bed at 5:30am ready to start my day, baffled that I managed to get a full night’s rest despite the early wake-up time.

I was honestly blown away by how well this sleep aid worked. I have never felt so drowsy so soon after taking melatonin, which led me to believe the added CBD is what did the trick. There was also no lingering feeling of grogginess the next morning, making day 2 of my sleep experiment a win in my book.


After a long day of work and a quick workout at the gym, I still felt surprisingly energetic by the time I arrived home at 7pm. Usually Wednesdays are my most sluggish days at the office, which was a huge reminder of just how important a full night’s sleep is for my overall health and happiness. Going to bed at 10pm last night versus midnight made a world of a difference in my entire day, allowing me to fit in an evening workout which rarely happens in general, let alone on days I wake up extra early.

Worn out but satisfied with my productive day, I waited until an hour before bedtime to pop 3mg of melatonin, then I slowly finished my evening routine and settled into bed with a book. Almost exactly an hour after my dose of melatonin I began to doze off, so I turned off the lights eager for yet another blissful night’s sleep. Unfortunately, around 3am I woke up to use the restroom and had so much trouble falling back asleep that I read yet another chapter from my book. I managed to fall back asleep a little before 4:30am, grateful that I didn’t have to wake up too early for work a few hours later.

Despite my 3am wake up, I still managed to make it through Thursday relatively well-rested. While in the past this type of disruption would have thrown my entire day off, I truly believe that the restful sleep I experienced early on in the week made my one night of poor sleep much more manageable.


With my four day experiment coming to a close, I was eager to find out once and for all if the CBD and melatonin  combo truly was the miracle sleep aid it appeared to be on Tuesday. With bedtime nearing, I grabbed a Bliss Herbal sleep capsule and hoped for the best. I showered and brushed my teeth, then joined my boyfriend on the couch with my computer to put the finishing touches on a paper I was working on for work.

It didn’t take long for a feeling of relaxation to wash over my body, and instead of mindlessly watching Netflix for the next hour as I’d usually do Thursday evenings, I immediately headed off to bed. My eyelids were heavy and my mind was clear, something I rarely felt right before falling asleep. Within ten minutes I was out like a light, not to wake up again until my alarm went off 8 hours later.

This was by far the best night of sleep I experienced all week, confirming that Tuesday’s results were not an accident. There was a clear difference in the way my body reacted to the CBD and melatonin combination. Not only did it positively affect my sleep, but my anxious mind was also much calmer on the days after I took the CBD and melatonin combination. I felt a sort of “afterglow” the next day that I never felt with melatonin alone.


While I went into this experiment skeptical about the benefits of CBD, I came out of the week a true believer in the healing powers of this famous cannabinoid. I slept better, performed better at work, and my mood was slightly elevated the entire next day when I took Bliss Herbal’s CBD + melatonin capsules. I have always been a big fan of melatonin taken alone, but after trying this powerful duo there is no turning back for me.

While what works for one person may not work for the next, I highly recommend this combination for anyone struggling with sleep related issues.

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