Charlotte's Web CBD Review - Does This CBD Oil Really Work?
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Charlotte’s Web CBD is a pioneer in the hemp world, and their signature tinctures have gained a lot of recognition in the industry over the past decade. They were among the first to introduce CBD to the mainstream market, making them one of the most recognized CBD brands worldwide.

Developed by five brothers of Colorado, CW Hemp’s backstory is easily the most well known in the industry. The Stanley brothers were inspired by a five-year-old named Charlotte Figi, who was diagnosed at a very young age with a rare disease known as Dravet Syndrome. Among other complications, the little girl suffered from serious epileptic seizures that rendered her severely disabled. Despite receiving treatment, Charlotte’s condition failed to improve, and by the age of three the toddler was suffering from up to 300 grand mal seizures per week.

When her parents learned about the healing powers of marijuana in treating epilepsy, they quickly set out to learn more.Thanks to the Stanley brothers’ help and signature olive oil infused CBD, Charlotte’s condition immediately improved. By 2014, she was down to just four seizures a month, and Charlotte’s Web CBD oil quickly gained a huge following thanks to their groundbreaking success treating the young girl.

While a lot of new brands have popped up on the scene since Charlotte Web’s start nearly a decade ago, the famous hemp line has remained one of the more popular choices among CBD consumers worldwide. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one of their beloved tinctures, so we quickly hopped online to check out the selection.

Their tinctures came in a few different sizes with both mint chocolate and olive oil flavors to choose from, but we opted for the olive oil since this original tincture is what gained them popularity.

Unlike other brands who put the total milligram count directly on the bottle, Charlotte’s Web CBD opts to instead display milligrams per serving. We went with the middle size, which offered 500mg per bottle for $74.99. Once again, certainly not the lowest price in the industry, especially considering the fact that it is unclear whether or not this tincture is even full spectrum at all. The website describes it as a “unique blend of cannabinoids plus terpenes and flavonoids,” which leads us to believe this may actually be a broad spectrum formula versus the industry standard of full spectrum.

We were all curious to test out their unique original formula, as nearly every tincture on the market today uses MCT (coconut) oil. We must admit, the flavor of these hemp drops was unlike anything any of us have ever tried. Imagine taking a dropper full of olive oil and dumping it under  your tongue, and this is exactly how Charlotte’s Web CBD tincture both felt in our mouth and tasted. It certainly wasn’t any of the testers’ favorites, but in all fairness it tasted exactly as described on the site.

While it wasn’t the most delicious or inexpensive tincture available online, their reputation and inspiring story makes this brand worth the try.