Why Choose CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are among the fastest and easiest ways to get your daily dose of cannabidiol. They are easy to consume, and because of the precise dosing format there is no need to count drops or guess how much CBD oil you are putting into your body. Those who travel often also turn to CBD capsules, as they are a much more discreet way to consume CBD on the go.

Do CBD Capsules Work?

Bliss Herbal Max Potency CBD boxAs an experienced user of CBD myself, I was intrigued to learn that I could take my dose in capsule form. Because I’ve been using CBD oil for a few months now, I was easily able to determine just how much CBD I needed for my health and wellness needs. I was then able to select the right capsule for me based on the doses offered.

Because of my particular needs, I knew that I needed a higher potency capsule that could deliver 50mg of CBD in each serving. After reading positive reviews about Bliss Herbal’s Max Potency capsules, I decided to place an order and give them a try. At the time of this review, a 1500mg bottle of CBD only cost me $59.85, nearly half the cost of most of the competition. But the real question had yet to be answered: did they actually work?

Putting CBD Capsules to the Test

While everyone turns to CBD for different reasons, I have been using CBD to treat my depression and insomnia with great success. Since I began using CBD, I have noticed a much calmer mind and better mood, which in turn has greatly improved the quality of my sleep. Unfortunately, because it is so expensive, I have had trouble settling on a brand that works while delivering the high dose of CBD I need.

While Bliss Herbal’s capsules certainly fit in my budget, I first needed to put them to the test to find out if they were as effective as the pricer oils I had used in the past. It didn’t take long for me to get my answer, and what I discovered in my experiment changed the way I consume CBD forever.

Not only were these 50mg capsules easy to take, but they truly did work. I felt much calmer throughout the day, which was incredibly noticeable considering the fact that I had been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety due to recent issues at work and with family. Racing thoughts and worries slowly disappeared once I implemented the CBD, and suddenly I felt equipped to handle the problems in my life.

In turn, my sleep drastically improved. Not only was I falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer, but the racing thoughts that had kept my up at night leading up to this experiment suddenly disappeared. Because I was getting better sleep, I was waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

One surprising benefit I noticed with these capsules was better focus. While I typically rely on caffeinated beverages to get through my workday, they often leave me feeling jittery and unfocused. My thoughts tend to race more, leaving me too distracted to work at my very best. As soon as I introduced these capsules into my routine, I noticed a huge improvement in my ability to work quickly and efficiently. Unlike with caffeine, my mind felt extremely calm and alert, leading to higher productivity both in and out of work.


All-in-all, this experiment was a huge success. I had been reluctant to give CBD capsules a try, but because I found a brand and dose that worked for my particular needs, I was finally able to make the switch. If you are debating making the transition over from oils to capsules, or if you need a budget-friendly way to get a higher dose of CBD, I highly recommend giving Bliss Herbal’s Max Potency 50mg capsules a try.