In the past, talking about CBD or Cannabidiol brought about a feeling of weariness, as many people were aware of the stigma surrounding this prohibited plant. However, as more and more states are beginning to legalize the use of the cannabis compound, it has become an increasingly popular choice among individuals looking for a natural solution to their health and wellness needs.

CBD has recently become popular among the older adult population in particular, and for good reason. Considering the benefits that can be derived from this plant, senior citizens have begun realizing that they have a lot to gain by trying out CBD for themselves.

Below are the top 3 reasons seniors are making the switch to CBD.

CBD can replace over the counter medicine

One of the most common reasons many people are making the switch over to CBD is it’s incredible ability to replace common medications. The use of CBD has been shown to be a safe and reliable alternative to opiods, especially for those who are more susceptible to complications from pharmaceutical drugs.

A recent report released by Brightfield Group uncovered groundbreaking findings, with over half of the 1400 individuals surveyed reporting CBD to be more effective than both over-the-counter and prescription medications.

According to the study, 69% of respondents rated hemp-derived CBD products to be “more effective” or “much more effective” at treating various illnesses and conditions than traditional over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals. Those using CBD in favor of prescription medications had similar results, with approximately 52% of this group stating that CBD products were either “more effective” or “much more effective” in relieving their medical conditions.

Since CBD has proven to effectively treat a wide-range of ailments, it can be a beneficial addition to anyone health and wellness routine, particularly those taking many different medications.

CBD for pain management

As we get older, pain unfortunately becomes part of our daily lives. Not only do we begin suffering from chronic aches and joint pain, but increased inflammation can lead to a decreased quality of life that can make everyday tasks a challenge. Most of us turn to pharmaceuticals to manage these conditions, but as new research emerges studying the benefits of CBD, individuals have begun turning to the cannabinoid to treat their pain naturally.

By activating certain receptors in the endocannabinoid system, researchers have found that CBD users experience a significant reduction in pain related symptoms with little to no adverse side effects. CBD has been shown to treat most types of pain thanks to its ability to attach to CB-2 receptors that are located in nearly every cell and tissue throughout the body. This allows the CBD to effectively target specific locations, reducing inflammation at the actual site of pain.

CBD has also been shown to alleviate the onset of pain caused by arthritis, while also helping to reverse autoimmune diseases linked to joint pain, as is the case with those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

CBD for Sleep

Many of us struggle to get the sleep necessary to function at peak capacity. In order to feel and be at our very best, getting enough sleep every night is absolutely critical. However, as we get older, this can be harder to achieve for a number of reasons.

Since older adults suffer from more bodily pains and aches, it can be difficult to get the deep and relaxing sleep we need. One way CBD helps individuals achieve better sleep is thanks to its ability to alleviate these pains and symptoms that can hinder a good night’s sleep.

CBD also works directly on receptors in the body to regulate the natural sleep-wake cycle. By restoring homeostasis in the brain and body through the endocannabinoid system, users report lower levels of stress and anxiety in addition to the relaxational properties of CBD. Another study on rodents found that CBD worked to increase total sleep time and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, which supports the many firsthand accounts from real people successfully using CBD to improve the quality and duration of their sleep.

While new studies are emerging everyday supporting CBD’s wide range of health benefits, it is clear that this special plant compound may hold the key to natural health and wellness.

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