CBD has been the talk of the town lately, and for good reason. CBD, also known as cannabinoid, is the latest health craze sweeping the country. Actors and entertainers alike have been boasting the natural compound’s incredible healing powers, with Jennifer Aniston being just the latest celebrity turning to the natural compound as an integral part of her health and wellness routine.

Dr. Oz has covered numerous shows on CBD over the past couple years, interviewing a number of guests that support the natural remedy. Now the famous doctor wants people to be aware of what CBD can do for you. He had this to say about the new health trend:

“I’ve heard from way too many people the benefits of CBD, I looked into it myself and I realize we all need to look into this and have to make it happen.”

A number of high-profile celebrities have come out with their opinions on the plant, one of the most prominent supporters being Jennifer Aniston. In her interview she boasts about CBD’s incredible healing powers:

“CBD helps with pain, stress, and anxiety. It has all the proven benefits of cannabis, but without the high.”

The one health benefit everyone is pointing to is CBD’s effect on sleep. In 2019, there has been a rush of sleep products pouring into health markets, and nearly all of them have the same “ingredient” in common.

With recent laws making CBD legal and accessible in all 50 states, more and more studies have been popping up everyday supporting the first-hand accounts that these products truly do work. Scientists focused on sleep in particular have uncovered some groundbreaking results – results that point to CBD as the new “cure” for insomnia.

How Does CBD for Sleep Work?

While CBD is a relative newcomer to mainstream consumer markets, the natural remedy has been used for centuries as an effective solution to numerous health ailments. With pain-reducing, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties, it’s no wonder the popular cannabanoid is now being recognized as nature’s “cure-all.”

New research on CBD and insomnia has captured a lot of recent media attention, as studies have emerged showing a direct correlation between CBD and sleep. Because CBD interacts with many different receptors and chemicals in the brain, each interaction affects activity throughout the body. Not only do these interactions help fight pain and anxiety at the source, but CBD also works on receptors in the brain directly correlated with sleep. New research has shown that when CBD is consumed, sleep-related functions are regulated, easing the body into deep and restful sleep – 100% naturally.

When it comes to the health importance of a proper night’s sleep Dr. Oz has this important reminder:

We sleep because we have to. It cleanses our brain. Literally, the brain cells shrink a little bit to allow the channels in between them to to freely clean out toxins to sort of reboot the brain every evening.”

What Makes CBD for Sleep Different than Regular CBD?

While CBD alone has been known to tackle sleep issues at the source, it wasn’t until recently that sleep-specific CBD products began popping up on mainstream markets. As consumers began testing these specialty products, it became clear that these natural sleep aids were the solution millions had been searching for.

Not only do these specialty sleep products contain CBD, but many popular brands contain a handful of other natural sleep aids recommended by Dr. Oz. These proprietary blends turbo boost CBD’s sleep-inducing power, allowing the user to fall asleep quickly and naturally without the use of synthetic hormones or harmful additives.

One product in particular has quickly risen the ranks as the top CBD for sleep product of 2019, and for good reason. Not only does Bliss Herbal’s “Sleep Formula” Capsules contain the recommended 20mg dose of CBD, but with added melatonin, valarian root, and camomile, this natural sleep aid contains only what your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.

What is the Best CBD for Sleep?

While every individual is different, it can take some trial and error before determining which product is best for you, but there are a few key details sleep specialists urge you to look out for. One of the biggest issues to be aware of is the melatonin count in these products. Dr. Oz warns about sleep aids containing too much melatonin, which is unfortunately a common issue with some of these products. A lot of these melatonin-heavy brands also contain much too low a dose of CBD, making the cannabanoid’s affect negligible. For the best results, look for a product containing a blend of natural sleep aids in addition to the recommended 20mg of CBD per serving.

After testing the top brands on the market today, our team of sleep-focused researchers determined the top 5 products of 2019, with Bliss Herbal‘s sleep capsules being the clear winner. Not only did they contain the suggested 20mg of CBD, but with a blend of melatonin, valarian root, and camomile, this sleep-aid was by far the most effective of the brands we tested.

If you are struggling with insomnia and related sleep issues, give one of these natural sleep aids a try and discover what CBD for sleep can do for you.